Nutrient timing, and why sex matters in nutrition research

If you’ve been involved in strength training for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the “anabolic window.” This is the period of time, typically around an hour, after a workout that your body is primed for protein synthesis (in super layman’s terms, the process where your body takes ingested dietary protein and uses… Continue reading Nutrient timing, and why sex matters in nutrition research

Nailing Your Protein Intake

Like all things in nutrition, protein intake needs to be personalized - based on your size, activity level, and goals. Do strength athletes and endurance athletes need the same amount of protein? What about athletes vs. completely sedentary people? Can vegetarians and vegans really get enough protein? Can I subsist on protein powder alone? Below, we’ll discuss what protein is, what it does, and the things you need to know to understand how much and what types of protein you need to perform and feel your best.