Shift Your Mindset with This Practice

I want to tell you how my Sunday went.  First, here’s how I intended it to go: Wake up at 7am, do some yoga, meditate, drink coffee. Shower and get pretty. Eyebrow wax at 10:15am. Some self-care, you know. Meet two of my closest friends at one of my favorite brunch places at 11am. Eat… Continue reading Shift Your Mindset with This Practice

Stress, simplified

Since the start of this month, I’ve seen the following things happen: My resting heart rate dropped 7 points.My breathing has started to feel easier, like a blockage has disappeared.My sleep quality has improved drastically.My appetite has skyrocketed (from an unwanted low period).I feel motivated to head to the gym and when I’m there, I… Continue reading Stress, simplified