Fundamental Core Work – Ab Moves for Strong Runners

Your core strength (and endurance) is always be the limiting factor in your athletic performance . When you start running longer or faster, you’ll notice that its your hips and abs that fatigue first, causing weird changes in your gait (and maybe even pain). Plus, from the lifting perspective, those legs can undoubtedly squat a lot more than your torso can hold upright. So core work it is!

Nailing Your Protein Intake

Like all things in nutrition, protein intake needs to be personalized - based on your size, activity level, and goals. Do strength athletes and endurance athletes need the same amount of protein? What about athletes vs. completely sedentary people? Can vegetarians and vegans really get enough protein? Can I subsist on protein powder alone? Below, we’ll discuss what protein is, what it does, and the things you need to know to understand how much and what types of protein you need to perform and feel your best.

Feeling Unmotivated without the Gym? You can change that.

With gyms closed and outdoor activities limited, it goes without saying that our normal fitness routines have been interrupted. Yes, there are tons of home options being broadcasted all over the internet. Yes, home workouts mean saving a lot of time (not having to travel back and forth to the gym). Yes, home workouts are… Continue reading Feeling Unmotivated without the Gym? You can change that.

FIVE STEPS to Perfect Your Push-up From Anywhere

One of the most common goals I see with my clients that are beginners to strength training is mastering the push-up. Getting a full, on the toes push-up can feel impossible when you’re just starting. It can feel especially out of reach for women that are new to resistance training, and the option to “just… Continue reading FIVE STEPS to Perfect Your Push-up From Anywhere

Eating Intuitively – How I Do It, and How Covid-19 Has Played a Role

I’ve been in eating disorder recovery since 2015, and over the past 3 years, I’ve been actively working towards eating intuitively - giving up all diet plans, calorie counting and food measuring to instead just eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I tend to call it “eating like a normal person” and… Continue reading Eating Intuitively – How I Do It, and How Covid-19 Has Played a Role

Create Your Own Home Strength Workout with this Template

There is no shortage of home workout options on the internet right now. And while it can be comforting to turn on a video and let someone else tell you what to do and how to do it, there’s a lot of utility in being able to put together your own well-balanced workouts customized to… Continue reading Create Your Own Home Strength Workout with this Template

Self-Isolation & Self-Reliance

Much of the world is deep into self-isolation right now. Personally, I’m on day twenty-three (not that I’m counting every minute or anything).  When my shelter-in-place started, I was anxious about it but couldn’t really articulate why. I already spend a lot of time on my own (work from home, live alone), so self-isolation wouldn’t… Continue reading Self-Isolation & Self-Reliance