About Me

My name is Lindsey, and I give too much. 

I’ve spent my adult life serving others – at work and at home. I’ve always gravitated towards serving-oriented career paths, most recently as an instructor, trainer, and gym manager in Pittsburgh, PA.

I helped open that gym in 2016, and with it saw my whole life change. I worked myself to the point of feeling unable to continue, but did it anyway. I built relationships deeper than I’d ever thought possible. I finally got an inkling of who I really could be. And I came to terms with the “relentlessly giving” personality trait of mine, and how to express it better by being a little more selfish.

Now, I’ve just entered my 30s and feel like my life is just getting started. I want to use this space to share what I’ve learned, and what I’m in the process of learning, with other people who find themselves to be giving relentlessly.

My primary focus as a fitness professional is on getting newcomers to strength training comfortable with both movement in general and in the weightroom in particular. I’ve found building physical strength to be a jumping off point for myself and many of the people I’ve worked with – a strong body is the foundation around which we can build stronger, more resilient and self-sufficient minds. A training habit can snowball into a an entire lifestyle change if you let it.

I recently said goodbye to that gym, and now get to focus entirely on two things: sharing this message on an online platform, and opening a new business (more on this to come)! With that in mind, I’ll be including personal updates in this blog – what better way to learn and teach than by example? I’m sure to excel at some things and fail miserably at others, and I hope the same for you.

Some extra fun facts:

I compete at powerlifting but also have a distance running habit. In November 2019, I fulfilled a long-time dream: doing a powerlifting meet and running a full marathon, in the same weekend. It was the most rewarding and difficult athletic endeavor of my life (so far), and I plan to do it again after taking a year to recover and rebuild.

I live with a sweet pitbull rescue named BB, who I love with my whole heart (and share often in my IG story).

I went to school for urban planning but strayed from it as a career path. I’m still very interested in urban development and love making my city a better place to live for everyone (through volunteering, teaching, and training).