Social Distancing Workouts: Week Two

Like many of you, I’m finishing up week two of social distancing/social isolation. I think this week I finally found some peace with being at home.

While I am deeply saddened by the toll this virus will take on so many humans across the world, I have been able to find some gratitude in my own personal situation. I’m healthy, I’m safe, I have food, I have my dog. I have an opportunity to slow down and rediscover some of my past loves and interests; an opportunity I’ve been given many times but never really noticed until now.

I’ve found that integrating exercise into my long morning routine has set me up for clear-headed days of reading, writing, and digitally reconnecting with friends and family. I’m typically spending 45-60 minutes per day intentionally working out, and that includes a whole lot of free online yoga videos.

I hope you’re making time for some basic movement in your life, and prioritizing strength training even though you likely no longer have access to a stocked gym. This week, I’m again sharing four workouts. This time, one to those will include the banded workouts I’m doing with equipment from EliteFTS.

Strength Focused Circuits
3-5 roundsFeet Elevated Push-up x 5-10
:30 Side Plank (R)
Supermans, paused at top x 10
:30 Side Plank (L)
3-5 rounds1.5 Rep Air Squat x 20 (go all the way down, halfway up, back down)
:30 Boat Pose Hold
Glute Bridge x 20 (add band if possible)
:30 Flutter Kicks
3-5 roundsSingle-Leg RDL to March x 10 per
Reverse Lunge to March x 10 per
Balanced Standing Fire Hydrant
** Do all moves on one leg, then all on the other
Bodyweight Cardio
:60 each, :60 rest, do this 4 times
– Bear Shoulder Taps
– Toe Touches
– Lateral Lunges
– Straight Leg Mt Climbers (leg out to side as high as you can)
– Curtsy Lunges
Strength Focused Circuits
4 roundsBand Pass-Through x 5
Band Pullapart x 25
Glute Bridge (band around knees if possible) x 25
Banded Side Steps x 20 each way
3-5 roundsBanded Squat x 20
(band under feet and around back of neck)
Banded RDL x 20
(band doubles, under feet, grab band low)
Standing Band Row x 20
(band stays under feet, grab low, elbows to sides)
Lying Toe Touches x 20
3-5 roundsBand Floor Press x 20
(band behind back, end in each hand, lie on back,
press up like a DB Floor Press)
Seated Band Row x 20
(band looped under feet, holding one side in
each hand, elbows to sides)
Band Tricep Extensions x 20
(end of band in each hand, throw middle over the end of a door,
extend both elbows and squeeze triceps at the bottom)
Band Curls x 20
(band under feet, normal hammer curl here)
you’ll need a long band for this (and a short band for the first round if you have it)
Bodyweight Cardio
:60 each, :60 rest, repeat 4 times!
Lateral Bear Crawl (stay low!)
Walking Lunge
Walking RDL
Reverse Table Top Toe Touch
this one is great to do outside if you can!

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