Home Workout Ideas: Week One

It’s quarantine day 6 and I’m spending a lot of time thinking about, writing, and doing home workouts. I’m sure most of you are in the same boat, so I figured I’d share the wealth.

I’m writing 4 of these workouts each week, that can be done with absolutely no equipment aside from what you’d find in your home (like a chair and your phone timer). It’ll typically be two more strength-based workouts and two cardio HIIT workouts. THEY ARE ALL LOW-IMPACT (no jumping, you’re welcome fellow apartment-dwellers).

If you have weights, bands, or even heavy bags of dog food, add them in!

Strength Focused Circuit
3-5 roundsPush-up (on toes, knees, or elevated) x 10
Air Squat x 10
Plank x :60:30-:60 rest after all three
3-5 roundsHigh to Low Plank x 10 per arm
Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat x 10 per leg
Hollow Body Hold x :60:30-:60 rest after all three
3-5 roundsPike Push-up x 10 (it may take awhile, that’s okay)
Sumo Squat x 10
Bicycle Crunch x :60:30-:60 rest after all three
rest as long as you need, but try for not more than :60 between rounds!
Bodyweight HIIT
3 rounds: :30/:30 – :40/:20 – :50/:10
– Reverse Lunge (R)
– Reverse Lunge (L)
– Diamond Push-ups (on toes or knees)
– Dead Bugs, paused in each position
– Glute Bridges
– Chair Dips
take :60 to rest between rounds
:30 on / :30 off and so on
Strength Focused Circuits
3-5 roundsSquatting Lunge x 12 per (stay low!)
Lying Toe Touches x 20
Half-way Down Push-up Hold x :30-:60 (push yourself!):30 rest
3-5 roundsSingle Leg Squat to Chair x 8-10 per (start on weak side)
Mt Climbers x 20 per (ouch)
Half-way Up Bicep Curl Hold x :30-:60 (use whatever you have on hand):30 rest
3-5 roundsWall Walk x 1-3 with pause at the top
Lying Leg Raises x 20
Lunge Hold x :30 per:30 rest
Bodyweight HIITTabatas:
Tabata 1: alternate between moves:20 on / :10 off
– Half Sprawl (Plank, step/jump to squat, back to plank)8 rds (4 each)
– High Knees (march or run)
Tabata 2: alternate between moves
– Flutter Kicks
– Butt Kickers (march or run)
Tabata 3: alternate between moves
– Plank Jacks (walking or jumping)
– Plank Arm Raises (forearm plank, extend one arm out, then switch)
Tabata 4: alternate between moves
– Knee to Stands
– Pulse Squats (no lockout)
This one is rough

Throughout the week I’ll record some of these moves for Instagram! In the meantime, if you have any questions (or just need to talk) you can DM me @elpogs or email me at lindsey.pogson@gmail.com. Human connection can be hard to come by right now. If you need some, I’m here.

Stay active, stay home, and stay safe.

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