Shift Your Mindset with This Practice

I want to tell you how my Sunday went. 

First, here’s how I intended it to go:

Wake up at 7am, do some yoga, meditate, drink coffee. Shower and get pretty.

Eyebrow wax at 10:15am. Some self-care, you know.

Meet two of my closest friends at one of my favorite brunch places at 11am. Eat something delicious, leave around 12:30pm.

Work on website content for a new business from 1pm – 3pm. Head home, get there by 4pm.

Spend a few hours getting my coaching clients set up for next week, then spend the rest of the night relaxing with my dog.

Here’s what happened instead:

Daylight Savings Time. Alarm goes off at 7am, snooze it until 8:30am. Make myself do the yoga and the meditation, rush through the rest of the morning.

Eyebrow wax. Their system is down, everyone is stressed. Brows still look good though.

Running late for brunch, need to get gas. Sleepy and distracted if I’m being honest.

Get to brunch, meet my friends and get treated to brunch, having a great time. Look at the clock and realize it’s about 2pm! Obviously off schedule and getting hungry again, go up to the counter to order another coffee. This is when I realize I LEFT MY WALLET ON TOP OF MY CAR AT THE GAS STATION. Search myself just in case. Search the car just in case. It’s gone.

Stress. Start calling credit card companies, insurance companies, work on getting license duplicated. More stress. 

We eventually leave. I feel like a dope. Sit down to start working when we get a text from our other friend. She’s still at our brunch spot because her car wouldn’t start. We head back, pick her up.

At this point it’s 5pm. No website copy has been written. We talk and brainstorm for an hour, then I drive myself and my car-less friend back to my apartment. By the time we get her situated and I get my dog situated, it’s 8pm.

Discover my dog has an ear infection. We’ll need to get to the vet ASAP. He’s in pain. He pukes on my bed.

I have no wallet, no access to money, dirty sheets, and a bunch of clients who need programming. I panic.

And this is when I told myself, out loud, to STOP.

Take a deep breath. Take another look at what’s transpired.

I got to spend the whole day with two of my favorite people in the world. We had a great meal and got ice cream after. It was beautiful outside, and it stayed light out until after 7pm! We came up with some good ideas for the business, and planned out two more work dates for this week at times that work better for us.

Another deep breath. What really needs to be done tonight?

Definitely need to do laundry. Get started on that right away. I’m lucky to have laundry in my building, so I don’t have to go anywhere else.

The vet will have to wait until tomorrow. Comfort BB as much as possible, plan to make that appointment as soon as they open.

For my clients: get everyone’s Monday/Tuesday training in while the laundry is running. Reply to texts and emails tonight, but save the rest for Monday morning. The slight delay isn’t going to affect anyone.

Need to make one more credit card cancellation call, and order a duplicate license. It won’t take long.

You also need to eat, specifically, protein and veggies. You have a prepped meal in the fridge. Make a point to heat that up, sit down, and eat.

This will altogether take no more than 2 hours. That’s doable. Take 30 minutes at the end before bed to really just chill.

And I won’t lie, that 30 minutes looked like a face mask and a glass of wine. That’s what I needed.

Everything got done. By the end of the night I was laughing and feeling light again, all because I had the courage to tell myself to STOP

STOP falling into old habits, STOP letting my physical anxiety control how I act. 

STOP staying upset because that feeling of overwhelm is, somehow, comfortable to me.

Telling yourself to STOP when you’re at the precipice of a spiral creates a distinct pause. It gives you the change to make a different, difficult decision to try something new. To breathe, to reassess, to shift your mindset.

It turned my whole day around yesterday and set me up for a productive, happy week. And I needed to share it, in all its simplicity, with you.

The truth is, making this kind of shift is something I can only do now after years of practice, failure, and work. I don’t always choose to STOP, but when I do, I relish in it. Bask in your successes. Learn from your failures. Keep getting better.

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