Slow, Steady Progress: Lightening Up in March

February was a pretty uneventful month so far as training goes. I’ve been diligently doing my physical therapy and seeing improvements in my hip discomfort and instability. Single leg movements have gotten much easier over the last four weeks. I’ve been super consistent on daily yoga, and even finally got my crow to chaturanga transition down.

I found myself naturally backing down from training a bit. I’m still not running. While my upper body training has been going well, everything for my lower body is lower intensity and lower volume than I might normally prefer. I have no races or meets on my calendar at the moment, and to be honest, I’m not feeling any interest in competing right now. 

Between my own coaching business, the coming Float business, and a few other opportunities on the horizon (that I can’t really talk about yet 😉), my focus has been on both getting work done and enjoying the hell out of this time off while it lasts. The end is near. I’m excited and ready to go back to working outside of my apartment, but I’ll certainly miss this time of relaxation.

In addition, I spent February eating. A lot. A trip to North Carolina, a ton of brunches and dinners and coffee dates, all amazing. Can you guess how many of Mediterra’s quiches I’ve eaten in 4 weeks? I don’t think you can.

Naturally, I’m feeling soft right now. Surprisingly, I’m also feeling okay with this. I’d prefer not to look and feel this way all the time, but for this season of my life, it’s appropriate and a not-unwelcome change. 

Moving into March, I’m planning on going with the flow of how I’m feeling and planning on decreasing my strength training days. While I was maintaining a 5-day per week schedule at the start of the year, I’m now thinking 3-4 days max will be plenty. A rough plan:

  • Day One: Heavy Upper (lots of benching, incline pressing, triceps)
  • Day Two: Heavy Lower (a conventional pull, a box squat, single leg work)
  • Day Three: Full Body Fun (that means all the delt, back, and glute work)

I plan on adding a little bit of HIIT style cardio too. Could be its own day, I just know I need a rower and a bike. It’ll come in handy for me soon, but we’ll talk about that at a later date.

I’m also challenging myself to spend more time outside this month. I HATE MARCH. I hate it, with all of my heart. It’s somehow still winter even though it’s been winter for the last 10 years (in my head). I just want to be warm and not wet or stuck in wintry mix or whatever. So I’m hoping that by going outside, getting some minimal amount of sunlight in my life, and exploring the parks at my disposal, I’ll appreciate it more. And my dog will be happy and covered in mud, as he should be. So the days between strength workouts, I’ll be spending 1-2 hours on easy day hikes.

On the food side, I’m sticking with eating intuitively (more on that in a later post). The disordered part of me sees an increase in body fat and starts screaming to GO ON A DIET but I’m holding strong in doing nothing. I will, as always, prioritize protein and veggies in my meals, but if brunch plans are made, I’ll be there.

This is the least aggressive training plan I’ve put myself on in ages. It feels counter-intuitive at times since right now I have so much free time. I consider this practice for the weeks and months to come where fitting in ANY kind of training session will be considered a victory. 

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