Low-stress training

Jan 6 – 12 Training Log

This week I took FULL advantage of how little stress I’ve been feeling and really got after it at the gym. Put together a new training program that will allow for weekly growth and will take advantage of the equipment at each of my new gyms. 

An example squat day:

It’s incredibly basic, but a great challenge that will help me push myself mentally (more than 3 reps on any squat make me want to die inside) and help me grow physically from all the hypertrophy range work! With the varying rep range sets, the goal is to hit the max in each set before adding weight the following week. Plus, I get to do a little jumping, get to feel a little sore with those drop sets, but never got to the point of feeling like I’d really overdone it. Found my sweet spot, essentially.

I made it to the gym 4 of the 5 days I’d planned this week. Purposely skipped the last day due to really painful cramping and back spasms, thanks to my period and PMS. 

It was bad enough that I basically laid on my couch for two days, taking breaks to walk the dog and not much else! Hence the “staleness” I referenced in Friday’s mini-post

I used to get really upset about this – feeling “less than” other people that didn’t deal with the same menstrual issues I do, feeling like I’d never catch up, that I’m somehow a bad person for skipping a workout and taking that much rest. Those feelings still exist, but through everything I laid out in that post, I was able to keep my head on straight and do what needed to be done (aka nothing).

So here it is, Sunday, my third day of total rest, and I’m starting to feel back to normal. How do I know? I’m itching to get back to training tomorrow, even though that means those awful paused squats again. Good progress.

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