Setting a better mood

They can’t all be good days: a mini-post

I’m having an off-day. I refuse to call it a bad day, but it’s decidedly not good. We all have these, and we all handle them differently. In the past, my MO was the following: sad music, sad movies, the greasiest takeout I could get my hands on, and Oreos (or Oreo ice cream depending on the time of year). ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE OKAY, but they never really helped me get past that feeling of staleness

Today I’m choosing some different actions. Maybe one or two will resonate with you when you’re feeling not-yourself. 

Skipping training. And I’m not beating myself up over it. The gym will be there tomorrow.

Doing a little yoga at home. Stretching, moving around, feeling what’s tight. We’re talking 10 minutes. It was a nice 10 minutes.

Putting on my comfiest clothes and pulling out my favorite blankets.

Getting out of bed. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, so I’m not going far, but just moving from the bed to the couch lets me feel a little less frumpy.

Ordering food in, but not my usual “pizza and fries” special. Putting that pricey Prime membership to good use and getting Whole Foods to deliver ravioli directly to my door for freeee. ALSO checking “grocery shopping” right off my weekend to-do list from the comfort of my couch. Huge win for me today.

Adding something sweet to that order, in a normal quantity. With no guilt. 

Switching out my usual melancholy playlist for something a little more upbeat and interesting (Creativity Boost on Spotify is gooood).

Surrounding myself with my favorite scents. Candles going, wearing my FAVORITE oil-based perfume (Solstice Scent’s “During the Rain,” smells like an impending thunderstorm and I adore it).

Subbing zoning out for doing something creative. I’ve been thinking about making a mood/inspiration board for an empty wall in my apartment. What better time than now when I’m already effectively couch-bound?

Reading something inspirational instead of zoning out on the internet/watching Netflix (listen to the newest Aubrey Marcus Podcast here for more on what I’m reading).

Being a little “extra” in general. In my life, that means having the second french press (with my favorite coffee). And later, probably a glass of my best red wine.

But still remembering to stay hydrated!

Finally, the cheesiest: practicing gratitude. I used to hate this but I have to admit that it really does help turn my mood around. When I’m in a particularly negative headspace, I force myself to take a minute to say, out loud, what I appreciate about myself and my life. It usually starts with “I appreciate that my small sad dog puts up with my nonsense” and spirals upwards from there.

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