sad to say goodbye to that cardio lab lighting

Training through change

Dec 30 – Jan 5 Training Log

Last week was… eventful. Between the New Year holiday, saying goodbye to my job/home gym, and getting started on some of my own personal work projects (like this blog), there’s been a lot going on!

I’ve been struggling with finding the motivation to train while between events, and I don’t have anything serious on the immediate horizon, so I had to rethink my purpose in training. Right now, my goals are really just to train consistently, to feel good, and to regain some mass I lost while sick and then training for the marathon. 

Since the 30th, I’ve trained in five different locations and pieced workouts together based on how I was moving that day. I have some rough outlines for strength training, but everything else I’m making up as I go along.

Of the six workouts I did last week, exactly two of them were “to plan.” And that’s totally okay. I sometimes struggle with being flexible in my training. The story I tell myself: if I didn’t do it perfectly, it didn’t count, and I should feel bad about it. How is that helpful in any way? What do I gain from allowing that narrative? Is this what my ideal self would do? 

The answer to that last, most important, question is clearly no. So I chose to let that idea go. I got to the gym six days last week and that alone is huge. I enjoyed each and every workout (though the one done at Crunch Fitness was a little rough, I’ve never felt so out of place in a fitness space before). I challenged myself with movements that are hard for me, and made sure to include the things I love the most as well. Some examples:

Monday (one of my last days at work): felt pretty tired mentally, didn’t want to train, ESPECIALLY didn’t want to squat. Felt the resistance, did it anyway.

1SSB Paused Squat45155, 175, 175, 175
2a.Snatch Grip Deadlift48185
2b.Box Jump4524”
3a.BB Hip Thrust410185
3b.Hanging Leg Raises410
4a.Banded GHR410Red mini
4b.Strict Back Extension415

Wednesday (New Years): was feeling heavy on my first day off, but trained in a new place with good people and ended up having a great session.

1Bench Press46145
2Slow Eccentric Push-Press5685
3a.Standing T-Bar Row, Paused410 + 1 drop set of 30100
3a.Cable Tricep Pushdown410 + 1 drop set of 3070ish?
4a.Wide Grip Lat Pulldown410 + 1 drop set of 30No idea
4b.Cable Curl410 + 1 drop set of 3060ish
5Lateral Raises41220s

Saturday: a garage gym, thrown together, all-around fun session.

Hub & Spoke StyleSetsRepsWeight
1Close Grip Feet Up Bench95115
2aDB Row38 per60ish
2b.Clapping Push-up35
2c.Bench Dips315
3Band Pullaparts425Orange micro

Now that I know my training locations, I can put together a rough plan using the equipment I’ll now have at my disposal. More on that in a week!

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