What are we doing here?

This blog is here to teach you how to fill your tank first so that you can better serve the world around you

This blog is for the givers. The people who run themselves into the ground but never want to show it. Who give their whole selves to their family, their friends, their clients, perfect strangers, and the world at large. You make life worthwhile, but forget that you too are worthwhile.

You forget to make time for yourself. You put everyone and everything else ahead of yourself, to the point that you don’t even make the “to-do” list. You go and go and go until you can’t anymore – then you feel like it’s time to leave the country for two weeks to recharge. But surprise, you can’t always do that.

You’ve read about self-care and maybe try to implement it, but a bubble bath will only go so far when you have the weight of your whole world on your shoulders. The people around you think you’re a superhero, but those closest to you can sometimes see that unraveling.

I understand. I live this with you. We’re givers. But we need to give to ourselves too, and in fact, give to ourselves FIRST. Remember the airplane oxygen mask rule: you must secure your own mask before you aid the people around you. You’re only helpful when your mask is on, your tank is full, and your most pressing needs are met.

In this blog, I’ll be writing about ways to care for yourself, outside of the aesthetic photos of perfect at-home pedicures and steaming cups of tea. Those things are great, but they’re band-aids. You need to do the real work for the real results.

That means prioritizing your physical health: Are you sleeping enough? Hydrating? Eating nutritious foods in the appropriate amounts for your lifestyle? Do you move around regularly? Do you do some kind of resistance training? Are your hormones balanced?

It means prioritizing your mental health: Do you control your emotions or do they control you? What kind of coping mechanisms do you fall back on, and are they actually serving you or harming you? How are your stress levels?

It means prioritizing your time: Do you organize your life well? Do you get into “the flow” regularly? Do you utilize daily routines? What are your habits like? Do you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels but never really getting things done?

It means prioritizing the moment: Do you find yourself living in the past or the future but never in the present? Can you enjoy the little things in life? Can you be mindful?

Prioritize yourself. When you do, you’ll find yourself more capable giver.

I’m going through this journey with you, through this blog. We’ll touch on all of the things I asked about above, and I’ll keep you updated on the things I’m working on in my own life – opening a new business, powerlifting, distance running, and growing as a human in my 30s.

I hope you’ll join me in becoming a better version of ourselves, and better givers in the process.